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NZIPP New Zealand Professional Photographer of the Year 2011 and 2014. NZIPP Grand Master of Photography. Richard Wood is one of Hawke's Bay's leading photographers. Richard is one of New Zealand's few Grandmasters of Photography (GMNZIPP) and was also awarded NZIPP Professional Photographer of the Year in 2011 whilst also being a finalist for four years in a row.
Based in Hawke's Bay, Richard is available for wedding, portrait, fashion, commercial and fine art work nationally and abroad.
Renown for something a little different and creative works, lecturing throughout New Zealand.

Richard is a Qualified Member of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography. NZIPP Grand Master of Photography. (GMNZIPP).

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Richard Wood. NZIPP Grand Master of Photography.

GMNZIPP. Qualified Professional
Honorary International Colour Master
BDes., BBS.


I am in love with my passion..... photography. 1998 at the London Natural History Museum was where I first discovered the effect that capturing moments could have on the soul as a photographer and the souls of those who view them.

Time passes us as fleeting moments every day. Being able to capture treasures and priceless moments, whether they be a major occasion or a minor moment brings me great satisfaction. Especially when I reflect on my belief that the most precious of minor moments are those that make up our major occasions and memories for years to come. Fleeting moments are what stay with us.

I not only drive to capture moments in the world, but those in the make believe or the metaphorical... to capture the essence, mystery or emotion of a scene or idea.

I am a photographer.... I love beauty. I am always on the scout for it.... and because of that, I get to witness incredible and amazing things that others just pass by. This world is full of jewels and it brings me great joy in bringing out the beauty, passion and emotion in photography that others carry inside of them. Everyone is beautiful and I love being able to prove that.

I encourage you to not take short cuts. Be sure to hire a qualified professional. Hawkes Bay has a handful of photographers who have passed the tough review and inspection process provided by the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers. Make sure you book one. The industry is now wide open to anyone to claim the title of photographer. The NZIPP has been set up to keep both the industry and consumers safe. We follow strict professional guide lines and codes of ethics. Meanwhile our work goes under the spotlight of examiners. Around 50% of potential professional photographers fail to produce up to standard work and remain unqualified within the NZIPP. A list of NZIPP qualified photographers can be found at

I am a fully qualified professional photographer graduating from the 4 year Bachelor of Design at Massey University along with a 3 year Bachelor of Business. I am a qualified member of the New Zealand Institute of professional Photography. In 2013 I was awarded the title of 'Grand Master of the NZIPP'. An accomplishment I'm very proud to share with only 6 other photographers in the country. I was awarded the 2011 Professional Photographer of the Year and have been a finalist for the last 4 years also. The last two years have seen me achieving both 2nd and 3rd place internationally within 'Portrait' in the International Colour Awards (Master's Cup). This Event has awarded me with the title of Honorary International Colour Master.

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