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FASHION Photography

As a creative, Hawkes Bay fashion photographer, mastering the art of posing and lighting is a distinct advantage that sets apart extraordinary visuals from the ordinary. Over the course of my extensive career, I have had the privilege of establishing enduring collaborations with reputable fashion labels, shooting both within the local New Zealand and  across international borders in places such as Paris and throughout Italy. These experiences have solidified my expertise in capturing the essence of high-end fashion, skillfully showcasing styling in its most captivating form.

As a seasoned professional, I understand that effective posing is not merely about striking attractive postures but entails conveying the designer's vision through the models' body language. I have a keen eye for capturing the best angles that accentuate the details of clothing and accessories. 

Equally crucial is lighting, which I have honed through years of hands-on experience  with studio equipment. Lighting serves as a brush that paints each photograph. With attention to shadows, highlights, I can manipulate lighting to accentuate the fashion's textures and emphasise the desired mood.

I take pride in curating visual stories that celebrate the artistry of fashion, making each photoshoot a collaborative journey where the designer's vision is brought to life.

In the world of fashion, where aesthetics and aesthetics alone are celebrated, my abilities in posing and lighting are a true asset. It allows me to go beyond conventional photography, creating images that resonate with both the client and their own customers.

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