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Edible Fashion Awards Winner 2020. By Hawkes Bay Photographer, Richard Wood.

Hawkes Bay photographer judges and photographs the edible fashion awards

This year I had the pleasure of judging the Edible Fashion Awards as a Hawkes Bay photographer alongside David Trubridge and Kate Mackenzie. Amid huge excitement, the contestants aged 5 to 70+ saw their remarkable work showcased in spectacular style whilst their families and a delighted audience clapped and cheered them on. The 2020 theme – Art in Motion – celebrates and reflects what the Edible Fashion Award is about – the magic of wearable art, in motion, on stage.

From here I was tasked with the job to photograph the supreme winners costume - Katherine Bertram’s design The Delecate Drift being modelled here by Eleanor Squires. This will be used in next years advertising campaign.


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