For some time I have been an active judge for the NZIPP and Camera Clubs. I’ve held workshops around. I’ve mentored up and coming photographers and also established professionals. I’ve been a part of an accreditation team for the New Zealand Institute of Photography, helping photographers become accredited within the NZIPP.

Last year I stepped out onto the international stage on the shoulders of a couple of giants. Sue Bryce Education and The Portrait Masters. From here I’ve found myself presenting to hundreds of professionals on stages in Arizona, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. I’m now holding workshops, mentoring sessions and critique for professionals throughout the world. I’ve also filmed in Los Angeles two online courses in creative photography and portraiture. It really is an exciting time.

So I’ve set up a new website called

If you are a photographer be it amateur or professional, take a look and subscribe because there are a heap of goodies to come.