Mixed Media Win

This year I also won a couple of categories as well as the big one. This was the new ‘Expressive Category’ which allows for multimedia. Big thanks to my models Damian Smith who slightly reluctantly stepped into the role of a hunter having a strange love affair with a she/deer creature created with dolls. This was augmented reality so came to like when you raised your phone screen to it. Also to Cenjamin Brellin who generously helped along with several shoots to create the framed layers print image which contained a ticking clock and working hourglass. Massive thanks to Chris Helliwell at Edges Workshop in Havelock North for having the patience to frame such a gizmo and offering all the advice you did. And thanks to Belles and Moo for being my ghosties in my smoke and mirrors box where one ghost was on print and the other projected onto glass to give the transparent illusion of a real ghost. And Cy Unverricht for your help. This technique I took from an old childhood book I had about ghosts. In there it spoke about how they could project a ghost into a theatre stage in the 1800s. This technique also went on to be used at the Disneyland a haunted Mansion. I managed to recreate within my own wooden box.

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