The Cunning Little Vixen

I was over the moon to be able to produce the campaign imagery for the Hawke's Bay Arts Festival, Festival Opera who is producing the Cunning Little Vixen which is being performed at the Toitoi Opera House (formerly Hawke's Bay Opera House). I knew that old taxidermy fox in the studio would come in handy! The hunter modelled by the ever so willing Damian Smith.

The Cunning Little Vixenis a story, adapted from a 1920’s comic strip and follows the life of a clever vixen who is captured by a local forester as a cub. To find out more about this production and Festival Opera, Click here.

Note that this has now been postponed to 2022 due to cover restrictions.

“Although we're disappointed to have to reschedule this important production to 2022, we have been reflecting on the value of the journey in preparing and focusing on a goal like delivering an opera. In many ways, that journey is just like doing a jigsaw puzzle. For the puzzler and the performer, slotting each piece into place (or in this case preparing each element of an opera) is as satisfying as (if not more than) standing back and marvelling at the completed puzzle. With the decision taken to stage the production next year, we're taking time to enjoy the journey and ensure every effort is acknowledged and every little win celebrated till it's time for curtain up and we can share finished artwork with our audiences.”

- Anna Pierard Director, Festival Opera

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