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Posts: 2,678 Location: Canada posted 7 years ago If you're on the right browser (ie. IE 7+) then you may want to press the "Show All" button on the right side. If you need a bit more help you may want to re-read this: Onur - Dan Hatter has a great post on how to do everything in the new admin interface: Even more in depth, Dan has also written a book on it: Dan has also got a book on Yahoo User Interface Design: He also has a free screencast that will show you a lot of the new features: (Note: There is a tab to the left that says "Online Services" and another to the left that says "Help") Well, first of all, I haven't found my main site, I just picked it up because I thought it was the new default for the entire site. And now, I see there is no main site, only a sub-site (which I will attempt to fix). That aside, yes, I am attempting to get things back to their original design, but that is not to say that I am ignorant of the process. For instance, I have done the following: -Resized fonts and colors on purpose, to force a re-download -Deleted cookies -Turned off Google search -Turned off the Google toolbar -Turned off the Google page -Tried everything in the default editor (no setting)... I have done all of these things and more, but none of it did anything except attempt to fix the problem of the previous version being different than what I had in the old forum. I suspect the problem is with the background that I have on my main page (I will not elaborate, as it is a private page). I will attempt to remedy




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