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Commercial Photography

As a long time Hawkes Bay commercial photographer, I have in depth knowledge and experience within the corporate photography world. My experience within graphic design and the advertising sector heads me in good stead for not only following a brief, but visually understanding the creative vision and idea. I'm often even pulled onto the creative team to help create narrative and visual direction.  A large part of my career is spent teaching other professional photographers about creative, innovative and original idea generation and then taking that visualisation to fruition in print and media.

Displaying subjects at their best is extremely important especially in the commercial world. I have a great understanding of body language, micro expression and posing. Being an international photography judge for many years creates a mindset where I am constantly studying this area, as in turn to be able to critique other professionals work. It's all in the details... and where details are lost, so can be an organisations' target market.

I'm a photographer who can take on a purely visual creation role, or happily step into a creative director role to help create something a little more outside of the box for you and your organisation if need be.

Contact me for a quote on your project.

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