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To First Look or Not to First Look

So, you're standing at the crossroads of your wedding day, pondering the big question: "Should I have a first look before my wedding?" Let's embark on this fun and enlightening journey to help you find the perfect answer. Spoiler alert: We might just throw in some unexpected questions too!

In the grand symphony of wedding planning, one of our most cherished advice pieces is about crafting the perfect wedding photography timeline. Amidst the whirlwind of hair appointments, ravenous guests, and that golden sunset glow, it all comes down to one crucial decision: the first look.

Wedding Day first look with bride and groom

The Great First Look Debate: Should you or shouldn't you? That is the million-dollar question, but let's throw in a few more for good measure:

  • Is the aisle's "wow" moment crucial to you?

  • Does mingling during cocktail hour sound like a must?

  • Are you dealing with a battalion of bridesmaids and family members for photos?

  • How close is the sunset to your ceremony time?

Let's dive deep into the sea of possibilities.

So, What's a First Look Anyway? Hold up, before we dive any deeper, what exactly is a wedding first look? Traditionally, it's that magical instant when the bride and groom lay eyes on each other as they stride down the aisle. But nowadays, couples choreograph a first look moment that can happen before the main event. Why? Well, it's a quest to preserve those heart-pounding emotions while smoothing out some logistical wrinkles in the timeline.

Pro-Firs Look Arguments: Here are some reasons why the first look might just be your cup of tea:

  • You want to savor more of the day together.

  • That intimate, private moment sounds irresistible.

  • A smoother timeline makes your heart skip a beat.

  • Your bridal party is a small army, and you need those pre-ceremony group shots.

  • Your ceremony and venue are miles apart, and you'd love to ride together.

  • Pregame wedding portraits mean you'll dance the night away stress-free.

  • Simply put, you're head over heels for first look photos.

The Case Against First Looks: Now, let's explore the flip side of the coin:

  • You crave the emotional aisle walk.

  • Sharing that moment with family and friends is non-negotiable.

  • Preserving that pristine wedding dress is top priority.

  • The first look means getting ready earlier, and you're not sure about that.

The Short Answer: Possibly In the world of weddings, one size never fits all. Your decision should reflect your desires. Professionals often advocate for first looks to streamline timelines, but your day should revolve around your preferences. Whether you lean toward tradition or innovation, we've got some questions to help you decide.

To See or Not to See - Walking Down the Aisle: For those who cherish the classic aisle reveal, the answer is clear: no first look. Tradition, anticipation, and that moment with witnesses, friends, and family are everything.

But if you're open to new horizons, it's a "maybe." Some prefer to exchange tears and nerves earlier, for a quiet, intimate, and tear-stained moment. Maybe you'd rather have extra time together and skip the waiting game in separate dressing rooms.

To Make It to Drinks & Nibbles or Not: The lure of mingling during drinks and nibbles can tip the scales towards a first look. You want to maximize your time with guests who've come from near and far to celebrate. And let's be real, your guests understand you might be off camera duty during this time.

Navigating the Reality of a Wedding Day: Reality check! Wedding days zoom by. Whether you do a first look or not, you'll feel like a time traveler. Size and dynamics matter when it comes to group photos. If you have a tardy uncle or leisurely bridesmaids, think twice about early photo ops.

When and Where to Snap Group Pics and Portraits: Family photos typically happen right after the ceremony. It ensures everyone's present, avoiding awkward reshoots. Plus, sometimes, cocktail hour lighting is perfect for photos.

The Sun's Role in Your Big Day: Lastly, sunlight is your photographer's best friend. If you're keen on perfect portraits, consider the sunset's proximity to your ceremony. A first look offers flexibility. Even if delays strike, you won't run out of light.

Sunset Portraits: Always a Good Idea: Regardless of your choice, plan for sunset portraits. These gems often steal the show on mantels, album covers, and social media profiles. We're experts at sneaking you away for a few moments under the setting sun, whether you opt for a first look or not.

So, should you embrace the first look before your wedding? It's a decision we take one wedding at a time. Some opt for unique locations, private vows, or simply more time together. Others are unwavering in their desire for that emotional aisle moment.

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