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Capturing the True Cost of Plastic in Three Frames - Hawkes Bay Commercial Photography

In a world increasingly dominated by plastics, it's essential to shed light on the hidden consequences of our choices. Plastic, once hailed as a revolutionary material, has now seeped into every aspect of our lives, including our homes. In partnership with the 'Campaign for Wool, New Zealand,' As a Hawkes Bay Commercial Photographer I had the privilege of creating a series of three powerful images that vividly illustrate the perils of using plastic in our living spaces. Through these visuals, we aim to raise awareness about the dangers of plastic insulation and advocate for the use of sustainable alternatives, particularly wool insulation. I collaborated with the talented team at Ponder Design to bring this campaign to life.

campaign for wool advert 1

Our journey begins with a poignant image of a child sleeping in a bed adorned with plastic sheets. The scene is unsettling as the child lies on damp bedding, highlighting one of the severe drawbacks of plastic materials – their inability to breathe and regulate moisture. This leads to condensation, making living conditions uncomfortable and potentially harmful to our health. It serves as a stark reminder that while plastics may seem convenient, they come at a hidden cost.

The second image takes us deeper into the nightmare of plastic living. Here, we see the child sitting up in bed, surrounded by plastic sheets. Condensation has given way to mold, creeping up the windows. This is a powerful representation of the health hazards that mold growth can pose, including allergies, respiratory problems, and long-term health issues. It's a chilling reminder that plastic materials can compromise our well-being.

campaign for wool advert 2 by Hawkes Bay commercial photographer

In the final image of this series, we witness a child peacefully sleeping in bed. However, outside the room, a house fire rages. The door is partially ajar, and smoke starts to seep into the room. This image starkly illustrates a crucial point: plastic insulation can ignite and fuel fires, making our homes vulnerable to devastating infernos. In contrast, wool insulation is fire-resistant, offering an extra layer of safety for our loved ones.

campaign for wool advert 3 by Hawkes Bay commercial photographer

Through these three compelling images, we hope to convey a vital message: our choices matter. It's time to reconsider the materials we use in our homes. While plastic may appear inexpensive and convenient, the long-term consequences can be dire. We advocate for the use of sustainable alternatives like wool insulation. Wool not only regulates moisture and prevents mold but also provides added fire safety.

This campaign wouldn't have been possible without the creative genius of Ponder Design. Their expertise in visual storytelling allowed us to translate a complex issue into powerful and emotionally resonant imagery. Together, we aimed to make people pause and think about the choices they make in their homes.


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