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SWIMMING WITH GREAT WHITE SHARKS. Hawkes Bay Photographer travels to Stewart Island.

Im putting this here because for me its important. PLEASE READ ON.

This was one of my entries into the Nature Category at the NZIPP awards and was awarded a Silver Distinction. It now hangs huge on my wall in stunning textured metallic paper and framed by Edges Art + Framing. Capturing this shot has been a lifelong dream of mine even though I hold a real phobia of sharks. This is a 3.5M long male great white down at Stewart Island who is now registered and named after my team. Whilst down there we all learnt a lot about the social conflict down there around this amazing animal which in itself is upsetting. However what we found really unacceptable was that these sharks are being killed and not much is being done to stop it. We produced a bit of a fun two hour documentary when down there exploring Stewart Island and at the end of this film things take a turn for the serious as we discuss with NZ's leading shark scientist Dr Riley Elliot how these rare animals are at risk. NZ has one of around 5 super rare aggregation zones in the world where these magnificent animals come to breed. Yet they are losing their lives down there. There is only 1 Great White shark in the entire world for around every 20 Kiwi birds in New Zealand. Theres a link below.

Please take a look at a segment of our doc with some information we'd like for you to see. We aren’t interested in arguing social conflict and drama. We just want this very simple solution put in place. Also, The girls on the team reckon he's a bit of an alright looker, so fill your boots.

- Hawkes Bay Photographer, Richard Wood.

great white shark

great white shark by Hawkes Bay photographer Richard Wood

Close up of great white shark by Hawkes Bay photographer, Richard Wood


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