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Wedding Photographer Tips for Couples

As a seasoned Hawkes Bay photographer, I frequently engage with couples to discuss their wedding photography needs. Over time, I've garnered extensive experience, and I've decided to consolidate these insights into this short blog resource. This post aims to provide couples in Hawkes Bay with practical wedding photography tips that will not only make their big day special but also enhance their online presence.

Preparations and Getting Ready:

  • Prioritise photography during preparations to capture the essence of your day for couples seeking a Hawkes Bay photographer.

  • Opt for unique lodgings with distinctive character to add visual appeal to your pre-wedding shots.

  • Select a spacious preparation room that allows your photographer to explore creative angles.

  • When preparing, utilise spaces with ample natural light to achieve stunning photographs.

The Ceremony:

  • Walk down the aisle confidently with your eyes up to showcase the beauty of your Hawkes Bay ceremony.

  • Avoid overcrowding the altar or signing area for more captivating photos.

  • Extend the "You may now kiss" moment to capture the raw emotions of your wedding day.

Logistics & Organisation:

  • Determine if photography permits are necessary for specific locations in Hawkes Bay.

  • Prepare a detailed shot list for family portraits to ensure every cherished moment is preserved.

  • Keep your photographer energised with a meal during the reception to maintain their focus.

  • Opt for strategic seating arrangements that provide your photographer with an optimal view.

Reception & Dinner:

  • Choose wireless microphones over bulky ones for speeches to ensure clear audio and unobstructed shots.

  • Display your wedding cake prominently to create visually appealing photographs.

  • Select smaller centrepieces to enhance guest visibility and reduce costs.

  • Avoid saturated uplighting as it can affect the quality of your images.

  • Coordinate the bouquet toss and first dance with your photographer to capture the perfect moment.


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