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Lucy & Ben's Wedding in Patoka, Hawke's Bay. By Hawke's Bay Photographer Richard Wood.

Capturing Lucy and Ben's wedding on their picturesque family farm in Patoka, Hawke's Bay, was a truly unique and memorable experience. As a Hawke's Bay photographer, I've had the privilege of shooting in some incredible locations, but there's something exceptionally magical about a celebration set against the backdrop of rolling hills and the rustic charm of a sheep and beef farm. Despite the weather being rainy, Lucy and Ben’s spirits were high, and they embraced the elements with joy and spontaneity, turning what could have been a dampened day into a vibrant and unforgettable occasion.

The marquee on the lawn was beautifully adorned, glowing warmly into the evening and offering a cozy haven amidst the drizzle. The soft, diffused light created by the overcast sky added a romantic touch to the photos, highlighting the couple's love and the natural beauty of their surroundings. We leaned into the rain, using it as a creative element to capture some truly innovative and special shots. The droplets glistening on the grass and the misty horizon provided a stunning, almost ethereal backdrop that complemented the intimate and personal nature of their wedding day.

Lucy and Ben's willingness to embrace the weather resulted in some beautiful images. It was an honour as a Hawke's Bay photographer to be part of their day and to capture the unique beauty of a wedding that celebrated not only their love but also the enchanting landscape of Hawke's Bay.


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