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The Portrait Masters Conference 2022 with Hawkes Bay Photographer Richard Wood

I've been getting really itchy feet the last coupe of years with not being able to travel, so to have the Portrait Masters Conference in the US as my first trip over the water in a very long time was an extra special treat. As a Hawkes Bay photographer a get away to the Arizona Desert in our winter is amazing. The conference once again did not fail to disappoint. I had a very busy time there mentoring one on one sessions with photographers from all over. Some awards presentations on stage the final day... and then taking a two day workshop (see other posts). One thing you can never beat at this conference is the people you work with and the friendships formed with people from all around the globe.

Hawkes Bay Photographer Richard Wood with Tabatha Coffey in Arizona.

With Tabatha Coffey

With Gerson Lopez

With Emily London

With the Portrait Masters and Sue Bryce Education Mentors

With George Varanakis and Sue Bryce

The Mentor team

With Cookie Bryce and Kara Marie in the control room.


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