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Hawke's Bay Photographer |Richard Wood

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About ~ Hawkes Bay Photographer, Richard Wood

Wedding Photographer | Portrait Photographer | Commercial Photographer | Real Estate Photographer

As a highly acclaimed, Hawkes Bay photographer, Richard is passionate about capturing images that tell compelling stories in all areas whether it be commercial, editorial, family portrait, wedding or real estate photography. In addition to taking photographs locally in Hawke's Bay, he also works as a photographic educator, sharing his knowledge and experience with aspiring photographers. Richard has authored three comprehensive online courses that delve into the intricacies of photography through the Portrait System and spends a lot of his time travelling internationally to hold in person workshops around the world.

As the director and head judge of the Portrait Masters Awards and Accreditation competition, he has made significant contributions to the photography industry. Richard's expertise has earned him a reputation as one of the most awarded photographers globally, with recent accolades including grand award winner at the Asia Pacific Photography Awards for two consecutive years (2021 and 2022) and also at WPPI.

Richard has won the prestigious New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP) New Zealand Professional Photographer of the Year title four times, in addition to multiple category wins at WPE, APPA, WPPI, and NZIPP. As a Grand Master of Photography at NZIPP, Richard showcases mastery of the craft.

With exceptional talent, attention to detail, and commitment to the craft, Richard is an invaluable contributor to the world of photography. He continues to inspire and educate photographers around the world with knowledge and expertise. If you are looking for a highly acclaimed, experienced, and passionate Hawkes Bay Photographer, or Hawkes Bay wedding photographer, you've come to the right place.

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Frequently Asked Questions


My fiancé and I are pretty awkward in front of the camera and have no idea on posing. Does this matter?
No it doesn't. Wedding photography should be a documentary style shoot of your day. Full of laughter, smiles and positive energy. I have a plenty of strategies to keep you feeling comfortable and looking natural through the photoshoot. If you do by chance ever not look quite right, I'll give some simple adjustment. I have an extensive background posing and how it ties in with photography, so when something needs a quick shift it's Avery much an easy one for me to quickly direct.


How many hours of your time do we get for each wedding package?

You've got enough to stress about as you navigate your planning. I don't charge for a set number of hours. I'm not running off to another job after yours because when I book a wedding I clear the day as it's yours. I do have a series of packages to accomodate what you wish to be photographed, but I do not cap hours within reason.


How much deposit do you require?

I do not only specialise in just wedding photography, so I have a year round full time income. The benefit to you is I don't want all your payment up front. I only take a $300 booking fee to ensure we are both agreeing on the date and that fee is later discounted from your package price.


What is your shooting style?

I'm very relaxed and follow and adapt with the day. I shoot in the background for most of the celebrations, making the most out of moments, connection and expression. Then during the bridal sessions, it's still about being relaxed but also enjoying that time. That is key. During this time I can move anywhere between very candid shooting right through to polished Vanity Fair & Classic depending on what your own preferences are. Most like a bit of both.


You're a Hawkes Bay Photographer, but do you also shoot weddings out of town?

Absolutely! Every year weddings take me all around the country. Sometimes even overseas. I have photographed a good number of incredible weddings in Fiji, Thailand, Australia and Mexico

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Is there a difference in cost between on location portraits and studio portraits?
No, nothing changes. In fact, if you wish we can do both at no extra charge. I'm here to give you the best experience and a wide variation of imagery to choose from for your heirlooms.


Can we get digital files?

Yes, I'll give you a resized digital file of anything you purchase designed for you to use on social media, on your phone or email. You will have those forever to remember this session. I keep the printable digital files in the studio because it’s my job to make sure you get the absolute best art heirlooms as possible, which can only come from me.


What should I/we wear on the day?

There is an art to considering what to wear, but it's easy and we can chat about that on the phone before your shoot so that you get the best outcome design wise. But at the end of the day it's also up to you and you must feel like you.


What time of the day is best?

If shooting on location, it's often assumed that you should choose early or late in the day to avoid dealing with direct light. This is not always necessary as I understand light very well and I can work with all variations. The shady end of day shoots can often create quite a flat, drab light. However I will have studio equipment with me with which I bring back just the right amount of beautiful controlled light to enhance that dimensional appeal that photography should have. Alternatively I'm also comfortable shooting in bright sunny conditions where I can work direction and camera technique to create beautiful airy and bright images. So depending on your taste and personality we will adapt and plan to you.

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